Friday, March 26, 2004

The Official Site of Muammar Gadafi

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Words fail me as this is the true, official website of Muammar Gadafi: "Al Gathafi speaks"... He also speaks in Spanish. The website is still under construction, probably part of Al Gathafi's drive towards rapprochement with his former enemies. About which Robert Fisk has a few interesting things to say (as usual)... Through this article I learned of Gadafi's (now will we all agree on how the man's name is spelled in English?) work of fiction titled "Escape to Hell and other stories", of which I found one chapter online, not quite fictional but rather ecological, called "The Earth".
Over here the PAOK Thessaloniki supporters might, now that the political climate is more opportune, conceivably repeat their impassioned plea for the Great Gadafi to save their team:

'We kneel in homage in front of you. We ask you to be the saviour of our souls, and the leader of the new revolution that will originate in the north. Gaddafi, our God, buy PAOK."

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