Monday, March 15, 2004

The terrorist mindset

terror > absolute
I've been off for a while - what with work and following the tragic events in Madrid. A small ray of hope lit up yesterday, although it might be too late already.
I'd like to point out the unbridled madness of the people that perpetrated this. Omar Bakri, who pretty much acts as European spokesman for Al Qaida (and who is represented on the internet via the Al-Mujahroun website, a window to the psychopathology of radical, fundamentalist islam), "explained" that the attacks were a retaliation against Spain for its participation in the war:

"I'm surprised that the (Spanish) government doesn't take notice that Islamists in the Muslim world and in Europe are really looking at it as a great retaliation against Spain's atrocities in Iraq," Bakri said.

He suggested that Italy could now be targeted by groups linked to Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda in Europe, citing the statement received by Al-Quds Al-Arabi in London.

Note that nowhere in this statement does this clown even refer to the fact that 90 fucking percent of the population of Spain was against Spain's participation in this bloody war, that Saddam was the Islamists worse enemy and that their "efforts" in Iraq are competing in bloodiness and atrocty (remember Karbala? the UN?) with those of the American led occupation forces. Bakri in another interview he gave to the Athens daily "Eleftherotypia", explained that the Olympics were, "as far as he knew" not an Al Qai'da target:

"They are more likely to choose targets in the United States, Britain, France or any other country involved in operations against Islam and Muslims," added Bakri, who is based in Britain.

"Athens would tend to be the least probable target because up until now its position has not provoked us."

However, he added, should "the Greek government change positions and start getting more involved and supporting the US position against Muslims, at that point, yes, you will be in real danger."

Note that France, who objected to the war in Iraq is seen as a target - probably because of the hijab issue (which shows you the mentality of these nutcases).

This reply pisses me off to no small extent. I assure Mr. Bakri that it was public common decency and a public sense of history that prevented the Greek government from even contemplating direct involvement in this war (despite the pro-Americanism of the Greek government at the time). He is trying to paint this reaction as a result of his ilk's blackmail. He is deluded and so are the medieval henchmen he supports.
And this guy walks free...

On the other hand, because it takes two to tango, I hope that the neocon christian fundamentalist psychopaths (one of the few groups that can easily claim a greater death toll than the Al Qaida-related murderers) have the fate of their erstwhile PP Spanish sidekicks, this November. Not that I delude myself in thinking that this will be any sort of significant break in corporate driven western rapacity, or for that matter bring an end to the Middle East disaster, but at least one could sleep at night comforted by the fact that Armaggedon is not something the most powerful men in the world are looking forward to ...

A final word: I don't like this "Abu Hafs Al-Masri Brigades of Al-Qa'ida" group that took claim for the Madrid attacks at all. Even MEMRI (not exactly known for easily missing a chance to smear any and all Arabs) doesn't like it...
These folks have caught been at least twice taking responsibility for things they had no involvement in, and in other attacks (like the attacks on Istambul) they were considered possible culprits but not established as such. Indeed in the case of the UN building bombing in Iraq there were doubts:

Indeed some question if this was "Al-Qa'ida" at all:

...Thamm said that despite the videotape, the email claim, the arrest of three Moroccans and two Indians on Saturday, and the earlier discovery of detonators and a tape of Koranic verses in an abandoned van, he was still not convinced of al Qaeda involvement in Madrid because of the absence of suicide bombers.

"Al Qaeda has an idea, a message. You fight a holy war, a jihad against the unbelievers and send warriors to the front line who are willing to die -- a one-way ticket to paradise.

"For me, the jihad, the martyr concept is missing."

So what's happenning? I don't have a clue, and I'm afraid no one does.

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