Thursday, March 11, 2004

Outsourcing Thomas Friedman - By Tamish Phreedman

Globalisation > winners > and losers
Tamish Phreedman replaces Thomas Friedman and tells it like it is:

"...I know, it's tough, it's not pretty or gentle or comfortable. In fact, it's a lot like what my predecessor at this column liked to call 'the Golden's here and it's the only model on the rack this historical season.'
I just wish Mr. Friedman remembered his own words. See, I replaced Mr. Friedman for this column space a few weeks ago. Fact is, I'm a lot cheaper than Thomas Friedman, and I do just as good a job at promoting globalization, or war in Iraq, or just about any other insane idea that America's oligarchy is peddling on the world's playground. You don't need a high-wage, high-prestige American columnist to help sell ideas like that - not when there are hundreds of millions of Indians just as eager to shill for America's oligarchy..."

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talos said...

David Tiley:
That's a very clever conceit Mr Histologian. Actually the whole task of creating Republican policy has been outsourced as well - to some obese transexual in Idaho who is channelling the crusaders.