Thursday, March 4, 2004

Pepsi Challenge Politics. The shrinkage of choice, now and then, New York to Moscow.

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This blog's favorite writer, Matt Taiibi, talks of censorship, Putin, the US, Russia and the NY Times. He makes points about the US that are slowly but steadily becoming quite relevant all over the World, even here in Greece - and over here they are especially timely with the elections coming up in a few days and the private TV channels already showing a stark preference for the two mainstream parties and a dismissal of the left:

... We have a system of media domination in this country, but it operates according to a completely different paradigm than the traditional bald censorship of Josef Stalin. It’s achieved by drowning out minor voices in an overwhelming quantity of mainstream media output, and through the relentless mass marketing of a charade of political plurality and diversity that carefully excludes or consigns to the edges any uncomfortable content–like Kucinich and Sharpton...

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