Thursday, June 3, 2004

The coup scenario

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As current world events evolve towards an increasingly dystopic future, I'm more and more inclined to take "conspiratorial" scenarios more and more seriously. Especially when put forward by "...a CIA analyst for 27 years from the administration of John F. Kennedy to that of George H. W. Bush..." I'm assuming he has a better insight on what's possible than your average Joe, and a better evaluation of the current US administration's actions and capabilities than most pundits. So when he says:
...Bush administration leaders may even look on the prospect of a terrorist event in the US in the coming months as a possible opportunity as well as a risk. I do not suggest they would perverse enough to allow one to happen, or-still less-to orchestrate one. But there is ample reason to believe that they would take full political advantage of a terrorist attack-or even just the threat of one...

Quite chilling stuff, in light of the real (however small) possibility of the current US administration's trial for non-compliance with the Geneva conventions, in a US court of law, as the conventions are (as the article points out) enshrined in US law under the War Crimes Act (18 U.S.C. 2441). What would the Bush cabal be willing to do to avoid such a predicament...?

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