Friday, June 11, 2004

A reminder for D-Day

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By Mike Davis... As the 50th anniversary of D-Day came and went, a reminder to all of us in Europe (put probably beyond as well), that if it wasn't for the Red Army, we'd all be under the swastika right now... Thankfully the Russians were invited to the celebrations this year. The unmentionableness of their contribution to the allied effort is a source of quite a bit of, absolutely justified, bitterness in Russia.

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talos said...

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aegean disclosure:

Unfortunately, Americans in general seem to have taken the invitation as being similar to the invitation extended to Germany. In other words, not as an acknowledgement of lives sacrificed for the defeat of Nazis, but rather as an indication of how the Allies changed the world for the better.

2004-06-11 17:59
aegean disclosure:

Congrats on the win by the way.

2004-06-12 23:28

Hah! Thanks, and it wasn't a fluke either… They actually played well!

2004-06-13 12:06