Saturday, June 26, 2004

Incredible: France 0-1 Greece

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I can't escape reporting that the inconceivable happenned and Greece is in the Euro semis... All Greek cities, towns and villages are involved in a huge celebration which is... well, incredible fun. I just saw a guy dancing over his own overturned and trashed car, waving flags all over the place. Cars are honking their way around Athens in festive convoys... I don't dare imagine what will happen if the national team reaches the final!
The BBC has pictures from Greece, although I hear similar celebrations erupted in Germany, Australia, Canada etc.
Update As Tex says in the comments... Melbourne is partying - and so is Sidney!

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talos said...

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As a Melbourne resident I can tell you it went crazy over here as well when Greece won. Dancing on police cars and Lonsdale st (the centre of Little Athens in Melbourne) closed off. Even though I am a bit of a francophile I'm throwing my support behind the Greeks.
Go Greece!

2004-06-26 10:58
Doug Muir:

Giant killers! Good for you.

I should have put some money on — apparently it was quite easy to get odds of 7 or 8 to 1, which is pretty extreme for a game at this level.

Doug M.

2004-06-27 19:55