Sunday, June 27, 2004

"The liberation of Baghdad is not far away"

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This is from the Asia Times, so it is very likely serious. A fascinating interview with the heads of the Ba'athist resistence.
"On the eve of the so-called transfer of sovereignty to the new Iraqi caretaker government on June 30, former Saddam Hussein generals turned members of the elite of the Iraqi resistance movement have abandoned their clandestine positions for a while to explain their version of events and talk about their plans. According to these Ba'ath officials, 'the big battle' in Iraq is yet to take place.

'The Americans have prepared the war, we have prepared the post-war. And the transfer of power on June 30 will not change anything regarding our objectives. This new provisional government appointed by the Americans has no legitimacy in our eyes. They are nothing but puppets.'

Why have these former officers waited so long to come out of their closets? 'Because today we are sure we're going to win.' "

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