Sunday, June 13, 2004

We bloody won!

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I expected something like this. I'm kicking myself for not being brave enough to bet on Greece. Anyway our guys rocked yesterday... I think Herr Otto is by far the most competent government employee in the country. Next we play Russia... let's see...

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talos said...

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Michael M.:

It was a great match and a well-deserved victory, made all the better by the fact that it's the first time a Euro host lost an opening match and (I think?) Greece's first victory in a championship. Hats off to them for starting the Euro 2004 off with such a bang!

2004-06-14 18:09

Yep. First victory in a final round. Let's see how they follow this up…

2004-06-14 19:31
aegean disclosure:

I say at least a tough tie with spain.

2004-06-14 22:02
aegean disclosure:

and a win over Natasha.

2004-06-14 22:21

Greek teams often make this kind of surprises. But then it's the old story again… Let's hope that a German coach can make them steadier.

2004-06-15 18:04
aegean disclosure:

did I call it, or what? Pretty resilient stuff.

2004-06-16 18:59

Hats off to (center back) Dellas BTW.

2004-06-16 19:04
aegean disclosure:

holy cow

2004-06-25 23:06

Yes, impressive wasn't it?
Greece is ablaze and partying. Fireworks and honking cars everywhere. It's a amazing atmosphere!

2004-06-25 23:16